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                  Company Overview

                  Graybar, a Fortune 500 company, specializes in supply chain management services, and is a leading North American distributor of high quality components, equipment, and materials. We serve the construction market, the commercial, institutional, and government (CIG) market, and the industrial and utility markets. Graybar products and services support new construction, infrastructure updates, building renovation, facility maintenance, repair and operations, and original equipment manufacturing.

                  History and Locations



                  Founded in 1869 by inventor Elisha Gray and entrepreneur Enos Barton, Graybar has been one of the largest employee-owned companies in North America since 1929. Click the link below to learn more about Graybar’s 150-year history and see how the company is powering the new era of distribution.

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                  Through a network of 289 locations across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, our 8,700 employees serve approximately 145,000 customers. Our corporate headquarters are located in St. Louis, Missouri.

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                  Gray's Words


                  Graybar co-founder Elisha Gray published a three-volume set of books called Nature’s Miracles in 1899. His work was a harbinger for the mass production of appliances and spurred the use of electricity in homes. Gray’s words continue to inspire us today.

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                  Bringing The Light


                  What does it take to bring the light? It takes grit. And finesse. Hard work. It takes building a core so unshakable, that 150 years on, success isn't a thing of the past. It's a way of life. This is who we are. This is our story. We are Graybar, and we are powering the new era.

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                  Enabling Always-On Connectivity for Nearly Two Million Mobile Users at One of the Largest State Fairs in the Country

                  The Minnesota State Fair, located between Minneapolis and St. Paul, has the largest average daily attendance of any state fair in the country.

                  An average of 166,000 people per day at the fairgrounds send and receive approximately 8 million texts and require capacity for data downloads, mobile streaming, mobile payments and cell phone calls.

                  The State Fair needed a permanent, always-on, guaranteed mobile data delivery system – and that’s where Graybar and contractor MP Mobile Solutions stepped in.

                  THE CUSTOMER

                  The Minnesota State Fair is one of the largest and best-attended expositions in the world. In addition to the 12-day State Fair, the Minnesota State Fairgrounds hosts hundreds of additional events each year.

                  THE CHALLENGE

                  Minnesota State Fair leaders were looking for an alternative to importing multiple, bulky COWs (cells-on-wheels) to ensure mobility service for the annual Minnesota State Fair. They wanted an on-site, permanent, multi-carrier Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that could handle a huge influx of people – and connected devices – without issue. Such a system would need to support the diverse needs of both fairgoers and fair vendors.

                  Entrance Arch
                  HOW GRAYBAR HELPED

                  Graybar joined with MP Mobile Solutions, a systems integrator, to design and specify a DAS solution before the 2017 State Fair. The team recommended a DAS system manufactured by SOLiD that was pre-loaded and pre-configured at the factory. Over the three-month installation period, the Graybar team provisioned and staged the sophisticated system at its Minneapolis Service Center. And Graybar’s Just In Time (JIT) delivery service made sure that the appropriate parts and materials reached the fairgrounds at the exact time they were needed.

                  ???????THE RESULTS

                  The Minnesota State Fair now has permanent, reliable mobile connectivity that provides a more positive experience for fairgoers and also enhances the abilities of vendors for both the State Fair and the many other events held at the fairgrounds throughout the year.?

                  Furthermore, the State Fair was able to reclaim valuable square footage previously used for COWs for more productive uses and sell more fully integrated mobile marketing packages without worrying about overloading its mobile network.

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                  Approaching Deadlines in the Florida Fire Prevention Code: What Building Owners Need to Know

                  Several important deadlines written into the Florida Fire Prevention Code (NFPA 1) are approaching, and building owners may need to act sooner than they think. The deadlines are related to a serious safety issue: Walls and low-e glass windows can block radio waves, reducing signal strength for firefighters and first responders who desperately need open lines of communication during an emergency.?
                  ?? ?
                  The Florida legislature responded to this safety challenge by establishing requirements for radio signal strength inside buildings. Section 11.10 of the Florida Fire Prevention Code states in part that “in all new and existing buildings, minimum radio signal strength for fire department communications shall be maintained at a level determined by the [authority having jurisdiction “AHJ”)].”

                  New construction must be compliant to receive a certificate of occupancy permit, and existing buildings are expected to be brought up to Code if they are not already in compliance.?

                  However, Section 633.202 of the Florida Statutes extends the deadline for existing high-rise buildings. According to § 718.1085 of the statutes, a “high rise” is any building that measures more than 75 feet between the lowest level the fire department is likely to access and the highest floor that can be occupied.

                  § 633.202 gives owners of these buildings until January 1, 2022 to meet minimum radio strength requirements for fire department communications and two-way radio system enhancement communications.

                  However, the statute also contains several other important deadlines. Owners and managers of high-rise buildings in Florida should be aware of the following compliance dates:?

                  • December 31, 2019: Existing buildings that do not comply with Section 633.202 have until this date to apply for an extension permit with the State. The extension expires January 1, 2022; as a condition of granting the permit, the State requires owners to explain the changes that they anticipate will bring the building into compliance by that date.
                  • January 1, 2022: All high-rise buildings – with the exception of apartment buildings – must comply with radio strength requirements by this date, including buildings that were granted an extension permit.
                  • December 31, 2022: Existing apartment complexes have longer than other high-rise buildings to ensure two-way radio communication is reliable within their walls, but owners must obtain a permit for the necessary communications installation by this date.?
                  • January 25, 2025: All existing apartment complexes must meet § 633.202’s requirements by this date.?

                  There are two exceptions to the 2025 deadline, however. Any apartment buildings that include assisted living must follow the earlier timeline to become compliant by January 1, 2022. Mixed-use facilities must comply with the strictest standard for which there is some use – for example, a building with residential space above and commercial space below will also be held to the earlier timeline.

                  Public Safety 2

                  It’s important to remember that these extensions only apply to high-rises, and all other existing buildings could see the code enforced at any time.?

                  Enforcement is ultimately left up to the discretion of local AHJs, but delaying compliance isn’t worth the risk. While AHJs might prioritize inspecting high-value, high-occupancy locations, like schools and hospitals, ignoring the regulations could set up a building owner for a more expensive on-the-spot renovation or even potential legal liability in the event of an emergency.?

                  Most importantly, building owners have a responsibility to keep their facilities safe for occupants. Anything that gets in the way of first responders doing their jobs could have tragic consequences.?

                  To determine whether or not they are compliant, building owners in Florida should schedule a test of the radio strength within their facilities. Graybar can coordinate this testing and provide proof that a building satisfies Code requirements.?

                  If a building doesn’t meet radio strength requirements, the owner may install in-building radio enhancement systems that can boost signal strength to ensure first responders maintain radio contact everywhere in the building. A Graybar representative can help identify the right telecommunications installation for a particular building.

                  Click here to schedule a test and determine if your building is in compliance with the latest regulations.

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                  Just-In-Time Delivery Saves Time and Money for Systems Integrator

                  Headquartered in Albany, New York, Advanced Network Services (ANS) is a turnkey engineering, furnishing and installation (EF&I) provider of telecommunication solutions. In today’s fast-paced work environments, flawless connectivity and mobile coverage is an essential component of doing business. “Distributed antenna systems (DAS) allow enterprise customers to build out infrastructure inside their facilities that take carrier signal from wireless providers through a series of conversions and transfers them back to phones, devices and large automation in inside environments,” explains ANS Program Manager Brendan Delaney.?

                  To improve its coverage, a large governmental agency with facilities located nationally contracted with ANS for DAS installation at two initial locations in Wichita, Kansas and Greensboro, NC.

                  The government agency’s facilities execute complex operations on a large scale. Many are operational on a 24/7 basis. In addition to fast and cost-effective installation, it was important that the installation process not interfere with customer operations. Storing large amounts of equipment, product and parts at the facility was impractical. Shipping as needed or through a third party would lead to delays and add extra expense.?

                  “For efficient, cost-effective deployment of these systems, it was important to ANS to find a distribution partner with local warehouses that we could trust to store, ship and manage materials,” says Brendan.?

                  HOW GRAYBAR HELPED?

                  With 290 locations across the U.S. and a complete selection of data communication products including everything needed for DAS installation, working with Graybar made sense for ANS and for their customer.?

                  Graybar supplied ANS with all of the DAS materials including co-ax, radio frequency systems, antennas, connectors and more.?

                  “Graybar’s service stood out with consistent communications and the ability to have Danielle as the single point of contact on these projects,” says Brendan.

                  “Once a PO was issued, Inside Sales Representative Danielle Pustolka from our Albany office, got everything rolling. She created a spreadsheet and sent it out once a week with quantities that had shipped. She communicated proactively with Brendan and our local team near the installations. Everyone was in the loop,” explains Graybar Comm/Data Business Manager James Sweet.

                  “We didn’t deliver $300,000 of material, set it in front of the facility and say, ‘Have at it.’ We released as the project needed,” adds Danielle. “There was no foreman or project manager wandering around a giant facility looking for material.”?

                  In addition to preventing loss or damage to materials, hold and release gave ANS more flexibility to schedule deliveries at a time that worked for the job and the facility.

                  “In one location, there were concerns about too much noise in a call center area. Another facility was operational 24/7. If there was downtime at either, it would result in a huge monetary impact on the end users,” says Brendan. “Having materials stored locally at Graybar gave us more flexibility to schedule deliveries at a time that didn’t interrupt their business.”

                  There were also consumables and items that couldn’t be forecast: conduit fittings, j-hooks, fire rated penetrations and more. Once ANS installers were on site, they had a better idea of what was needed. ?With Graybar close by, ANS could send someone to the counter for pick up rather than over ordering or waiting for delivery.?

                  THE RESULTS

                  “Without Graybar’s staging and delivery, our logistics costs would have been higher and our response times reduced. We look forward to continuing to work with Graybar on these kinds of projects,” says Brendan.

                  ANS’ customer was satisfied with both the process and the results of their DAS installation. ?Negotiations are underway to do more installations.

                  For both locations together, three weeks of end-to-end time to market was saved getting the projects scheduled and installed and more than $1,000 was saved in third party logistics and shipping costs.

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                  Graybar Brings Great Lighting and Energy Savings to the Raleigh Convention Center

                  The 500,000 square-foot Raleigh Convention Center located in Raleigh, North Carolina, includes a soaring street-level lobby, an elegant ballroom and a massive exhibit hall. Completed in 2008, the facility averages between 250-350 events per year and more than 440,000 visitors.

                  In 2014, Graybar worked with the Raleigh Convention Center on a lighting retrofit for its 45,000 square-foot underground delivery area. The retrofit consisted of replacing existing HID fixtures with high bay LEDs with integrated occupancy sensors from Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds series. The new fixtures helped to reduce energy usage by an estimated 18,480W per day, not including the additional energy savings from the occupancy sensors, which turn the lights off when no one is in the area.

                  So when the time came to upgrade the lighting of its exhibit hall, the Raleigh Convention Center turned once again to Graybar for a solution. Committed to having the most environmentally efficient convention center in the nation, the Raleigh Convention Center wanted an energy-efficient solution that would uphold the aesthetic as well as functionality standards visitors expected.

                  “We’re always striving to make better environmentally sound choices,” said Raleigh Convention Center Facilities Manager Tim Greene. “And saving on electricity is a no brainer. Looking back at the way LEDs have progressed and their longer lifespan, the benefits in converting from traditional lighting to LEDs just made sense.”

                  HOW GRAYBAR HELPED

                  By utilizing the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Cooperative, Graybar helped the Raleigh Convention Center secure the right fixtures for the exhibit hall. According to their website, U.S. Communities is the leading national government purchasing cooperative, providing world class government procurement resources and solutions to local and state government agencies looking for the best overall supplier

                  government pricing.

                  The large, 150,000 square-foot exhibit hall contained approximately 160 sets of lights, with each set including one 750W HID and four 500W quartz fixtures. Graybar worked with several manufacturers to provide the convention center with a number of sample fixtures to install and evaluate based on functionality and appearance.?

                  To replace the existing fixtures, Graybar proposed an LED combination that included 300W high bays and 85W cylinders, paired with Lutron dimming controls. With events being held year-round, shutting down the space to install the new fixtures was not an option. Instead, Graybar stored and received all fixtures at its local Raleigh branch, and worked closely with the installer to deliver the fixtures for quick installation between shows.

                  THE RESULTS

                  Completed in October 2015, the convention center now has a much more modern and contemporary look. Plus, the lights turn on much quicker than before.

                  “Overall, the look is much softer and the lights are not as harsh as before,” said Greene. ?

                  In addition, the exhibit hall lighting upgrades have helped to significantly reduce energy usage and related maintenance by an estimated 318,230W per day.

                  “Before the lighting retrofit we were changing around 170 bulbs a year,” said Greene. “Now, that number is down to zero.” ?

                  Pleased with the results, the Raleigh Convention Center is currently working with Graybar to retrofit the lighting of its 45,000 square-foot ballroom, along with a number of other projects. ?

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                  Graybar Helps Bring Intelligent Lighting to the City of Hudson

                  When the City of Hudson Director of Public Works & Parks Tom Zeuli first met with Graybar, he was quickly impressed with the number of services and solutions Graybar had to offer. For the past few years, Zeuli had been looking into upgrading the city’s lighting system, but poor timing and issues with budgeting had left the project at a standstill.

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                  With 8,700 employees in 289 locations across North America including Canada and Puerto Rico, Graybar is a national company with local career opportunities, including:

                  • Sales Representatives
                  • Business Development Managers
                  • Material Handlers
                  • Delivery Drivers
                  • Information Technology
                  • Marketing
                  • Internship Program

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                  Awards & Accolades

                  ??No. 57 on the Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies list (2018)
                  ??Named to FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies list for the 17th year (2019)
                  ??No. 423?on the FORTUNE 500 ranking of America’s largest companies (2019)
                  ? No. 55 on the Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies list (2017)
                  ? Named to FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies list for the 16th year (2018)
                  ? Named by Forbes as one of “America’s Best Large Employers” (2018)
                  ? No. 13 on the National Center for Employee Ownership “Employee Ownership 100” list (2018)
                  ? No. 3 on the Modern Distribution Management Market Leaders list (2018)
                  ? No. 3 on Electrical Wholesaling’s Top 200 Electrical Distributors list (2018)
                  ? Named one of the Top Workplaces in Atlanta, the California Bay Area, St. Louis, Oregon and Southwest Washington (2018)
                  ? On Broadband Communities’ Fiber to the Home Top 100 list (2018)?
                  ??Named one of Selling Power’s “Best Companies to Sell For” (2018)


                  Affiliations & Associations

                  US-Green-Building-Council (1)
                  IEC (1)
                  Energy-Star (1)
                  BBB (1)


                  As a leading North American distributor, Graybar operates with one clear mission: to serve as the vital link in the supply chain, adding value for customers and suppliers with innovative solutions and services. Graybar’s strategy is to sustain the organization as an independent and employee-owned company, while achieving the results that position the company as an industry leader and allows Graybar to work to the advantage of those it serves.

                  Board of Directors

                  Kathy M. Mazzarella

                  Chairman, President and CEO
                  Joined Graybar in 1980

                  David A. Bender

                  Atlanta District Vice President
                  Joined Graybar in 1988

                  Scott S. Clifford

                  Senior Vice President,
                  Supply Chain Management
                  Joined Graybar in 1994

                  Matthew W. Geekie

                  Senior Vice President, Secretary
                  and General Counsel
                  Joined Graybar in 2008

                  Harvey,-Rick----September-2010-(3) (1)
                  Richard H. Harvey

                  New York District Vice President
                  Joined Graybar in 1983

                  Randall R. Harwood

                  Senior Vice President and
                  Chief Financial Officer
                  Joined Graybar in 1978

                  Robert C. Lyons

                  Regional Vice President
                  Joined Graybar in 1979

                  William P. Mansfield

                  Senior Vice President, Marketing
                  Joined Graybar in 1987

                  David G. Maxwell

                  Senior Vice President, Sales
                  Joined Graybar in 1985

                  Beverly L. Propst

                  Senior Vice President,
                  Human Resources
                  Joined Graybar in 2002


                  ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard

                  Graybar's registration to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard represents a major achievement in establishing and maintaining a quality process. Our goal is to achieve excellence in customer service by monitoring and meeting?specific performance standards. Developed by the International Organization for Standardization, the name "ISO" does not stand for the initials of the organization, but is derived from the Greek word isos, which means, "equal."

                  ISO-registered organizations document what they do, and do what they document. The registration process shows us where we can improve service levels, streamline the way we do our jobs, and drive costs down. All this makes for a productive organization that can stay focused on what is important - delivering superior distribution service to our customers. Graybar’s Quality Management System and all Graybar locations are registered to the quality standards established by ISO.

                  Download a copy of Graybar’s latest ISO 9001 certificate??

                  Graybar's registration to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard represents a major achievement in establishing and maintaining a quality process. Our goal is to achieve excellence in customer service by monitoring and meeting?specific performance standards. Developed by the International Organization for Standardization, the name "ISO" does not stand for the initials of the organization, but is derived from the Greek word isos, which means, "equal."

                  ISO-registered organizations document what they do, and do what they document. The registration process shows us where we can improve service levels, streamline the way we do our jobs, and drive costs down. All this makes for a productive organization that can stay focused on what is important - delivering superior distribution service to our customers. Graybar’s Quality Management System and all Graybar locations are registered to the quality standards established by ISO.

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                  Corporate Responsibility

                  At Graybar, we believe being a good corporate citizen is simply the right thing to do. As employee-owners, we make decisions with a long-term view in mind. We have a unique and personal responsibility to each other and the Company, to our customers, and to our communities where we live and work. Holding ourselves accountable for delivering results in these three areas is something Graybar takes seriously.?

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